What Fencing Material Would Be Right For Your Property?

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Having the right fence can considerably impact your relationship with the neighbours that are directly adjacent to you. Firstly, having a great privacy fence will ensure that you and your neighbours are not in each other's business, which would foster good relationships. On the other hand, having a fence also facilitates the demarcation of property lines, which minimises quarrels about encroaching on your neighbours' property. However, with the vast range of materials to choose from to construct your fence, you may be finding it difficult selecting the right one. Timber may seem the conventional option, but this material will require intensive care for it to stay appealing. Read on to narrow down your other options on what fencing supplies would be right for your property.

PVC fencing materials

The erection of a new fence can be exorbitantly priced depending on your choice of material. So if your primary concern is sticking to a limited budget, then PVC would be capable of meeting your financial needs. Although some people may associate PVC with cheap plastic, this is a gross misassumption. The material is exceptionally strong while still having a degree of flexibility, making it ideal for locations that may experience gale winds from time to time.

Moreover, PVC panels are great if you would be looking to enhance the privacy of your property. Lastly, PVC is one of the easiest materials to maintain, as it would not require painting, sealing or other measures designed to protect it from eventual degradation from exposure to precipitation or UV radiation.

Aluminium fencing materials

If you live in a cul de sac, chances are you are part of a Home Owners Association that would champion uniformity. In these locations, aluminium tends to be a favourite as the fencing can be identical from one house to the next. In addition to this, aluminium is one of the more durable metal fencing materials in the market, as it is highly resistant to corrosion. This rust resistance also makes the fence hassle free to maintain, as it would not need lubrication or coating.

If you are not particularly attracted to the metallic finish, you could choose to have the aluminium powder coated with a vast selection of colours to suit your preference. The main drawback to aluminium fencing is that it is not impact-resistant. Thus, it will eventually develop some dents and dings over time, which may prove challenging to get rid of. 

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