4 Reasons to Choose a Solar Automatic Gate

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Automatic gates can provide an added level of security and convenience to your property, and you no longer need to rely on mains power to have one fitted. Instead, you can opt for solar automatic gates that collect power from the sun's rays and use it to operate the system. This might not be an option you've considered, but it offers several compelling benefits.

Here are just four.

1. Flexible Positioning

Many people assume that opting for a traditional mains-powered automatic gate will be more convenient than using solar power, but this is rarely true. When you rely on mains power, you'll need to run power lines to the location of your gate. This can be particularly troublesome when you have a large driveway or live in a more remote area. It might be possible to run power from the mains to your gate, but installation will take much longer. By using solar power, you can locate your automatic gate anywhere on your property since it will essentially form an independent system.

2. Environmentally Friendly

It's becoming increasingly important to consider how the choices you make impact the environment, and opting for solar power over mains power is a great way to lower your environmental footprint. For many people, this is a nice way to offset the carbon footprint created by the gate's installation. While traditional systems often ultimately derive their power from fossil fuels, solar systems use a totally sustainable and eco-friendly power source — the sun itself.

3. Lower Energy Bills

While keeping your property eco-friendly is always a great idea, it's also worth considering how the power source of your new automatic gate will impact your finances. Solar gates often help you save money right off the bat since eliminating the need for running power lines to the system makes installation much easier, but you'll also continue to save money by reducing your reliance on the national grid. This should be a particularly attractive benefit if you'll be using your automatic gate frequently throughout the day.

4. Added Dependability

If you rely on mains power to operate your automatic gate, the system will no longer work during power outages. With solar power, that won't be an issue. Excess electricity will be sent from the solar panel to the control box battery for later use, so the system will always have enough power saved to operate the gate during the night or periods of bad weather — more importantly, it can continue to function even when the mains power is out.

For more information about installing automatic gates, contact a local contractor.

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