Key Deliberations When Choosing an Automatic Gate for Your Home

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Safety and convenience in a home start from the main entrance of the property — at the gate. Manual gates have been the traditional choice of fence gates for residential properties. But with the advent of home automation, more and more home owners are switching to automatic gates, which are now commercially available on the construction market at affordable prices.

If you are looking to install an automatic gate in your home, you should know that not all automatic gates are equal. Here are a number of vital considerations you can make to ensure you choose the perfect gate for your home.

How the gate works during operation.

One thing that sets any automatic gate apart from a manual one is the fact that the former has a gate operator while the latter doesn't. As the name suggest, gate operators allow gate users to open and close gates without the need for direct human control. Gate operators are available as swing gate operators, slide gate operators and overhead gate operators. Hence, automatic gates come as swing automatic gates, slide automatic gates and overhead automatic gates. 

Before selling on any particular type of automatic gate, consider which style of operation would suit you and your home. A swing gate opens and closes by moving inward or outward away from the wall to which it is attached; a slide gate opens and closes by running parallel to a wall; while an overhead gate functions pretty much the same way as a typical garage door — by moving upwards and downwards during gate operation. 

If you have adequate clearance for a gate (or two gates) to run inwards or outwards, you can install a swing automatic gate. But if you don't have enough clearance for a swing door, a slide gate would be a perfect alternative. The use of overhead gates in homes is still quite uncommon, as this type of gates are generally installed at the entrances of industrial and commercial buildings where headroom is minimal.

Level of security offered by the gate.

Convenient operation is not the only important thing you should consider when choosing an automatic gate. The security of your home also matters a great deal. How secure your neighbourhood is and the level of security you expect your gate to provide is an important consideration in this regard. Automatic gates are primarily made of metal materials such as steel, aluminium and iron. 

You can choose something standard if you live in a secure neighbourhood and you are simply looking for a gate to stop your small children and pets from straying out of your property. If you live in an unsafe neighbourhood, investing in a top-security gate would be a smart decision.

There are other important things such as aesthetic appeal that you may consider when selecting an automatic gate. Talk to a residential fencing expert about your specific needs. They can help you choose the best product for your home.

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