Why Your Pool Fencing Should Never Be an Afterthought

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If you've recently completed the construction of your new home, you may be delighted with the outcome and are now turning your attention to the all-important pool area. After all, this is where you and your family will be spending a great deal of your time to take full advantage of the Australian climate. However, you shouldn't rush this process without taking into account all the elements involved, including what many may think of as an afterthought. Why is it important to consider safety and in particular, plan carefully for any pool fence before you finalise your plans?

Early Intervention

You should talk with your fencing supplier at the same time as you chat with the pool installers themselves and the contractors who will be laying the concrete. You will normally be able to get a free consultation and quotation and the necessary advice before you begin.

It's very important to get the fence contractors involved from day one as they will need to consider how their work is going to affect the work of the other contractors. After all, the fence will impact the concrete and surface tiling, together with (potentially) the waterproof membrane of the pool, as well. Under no circumstances should you first install the pool and its surroundings before considering the addition of a fence. If you do so, you may encounter additional complications and almost certainly find that it will end up being more costly.

Attention to Detail

You will also need to do the right amount of research to make sure that your fence complies with federal, state and local regulations. Often, this will require a minimum height and there are other regulations that prohibit any protrusions or horizontal surfaces nearby that could constitute a foothold and enable the fence to be compromised. If this should be the case, then the height of the fence will have to be increased accordingly.

Picking the Right Type of Fence

You will also need to decide whether to choose framed or frameless fencing and this is an important consideration from an aesthetic perspective. For example, you may like to admire the water in your pool when you're sitting inside your living room and you will want your view to be as unobstructed as possible. In this case, you may choose glass pool fencing that is entirely frameless.

Starting off Right

So, while you are at the drawing board stage get in touch with your fencing supplier, so that everything runs seamlessly and you will be able to enjoy the wonders of your pool as soon as possible.

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