Brush With Greatness: The Advantages Of Choosing Brush Fencing For Your Pool Enclosure

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Anybody who has a pool in their backyard will be all too familiar with stringent Australian laws regarding the fencing that has to enclose it, and when choosing pool fencing, adhering to these regulations is obviously your most important concern.

However, just because your pool fencing has to be safe and secure doesn't mean it can't also be beautiful, and choosing brush fencing can be a great way to comply with local fencing codes while adding an attractive, decorative visual accent to your poolside. Here are just some of the ways brush fencing can benefit your pool enclosure:


Brushwood fencing is always a distinctive choice, and it is particularly aesthetically pleasing when compared to drab and ordinary PVC or wood panel fencing. The versatility of the flexible stems used to make brush fences means they can be crafted into a wide variety of shapes, with sloping and undulating fences looking particularly attractive and unique. The density of the woven stems also ensures that fence posts and other structural components are almost completely hidden from view.


A well-made brush fence is far more than the sum of its parts, and while the individual stems may be rather fragile on their own, they become immensely strong and durable when woven together. A properly made brush fence will have no trouble meeting legally mandated durability guidelines, and it will support all but the heaviest weights. These fences are particularly good at withstanding impact damage; a knock that would punch a hole clean through a timber or plastic fence is more likely to simply gouge a chunk out of a thick, robust brush fence.

Rot and insect resistance

The stems used to create brush fences are dried extremely thoroughly before use and are generally treated with potent fungicidal and insecticidal compounds. Consequently, they are practically immune to mould, fungal growth and the attentions of wood-boring insects as long as they are properly maintained and cared for. Their mould-resistant qualities are particularly valuable when used in the moist, humid surroundings of a heated pool.


As you can imagine, any peeping toms trying to catch a view through the thickly woven stems of a brush fence will be sorely disappointed. Hand-packed fencing is particularly good at providing privacy, as the fence packer can check for gaps and close them far more effectively than a factory machine.

Sound insulation

Brush fences are particularly valued by homeowners living in busy urban or suburban areas, as the sheer thickness of the fencing provides exceptional sound insulation. Besides adding to your privacy by preventing passersby from listening in, they can also muffle traffic noise, construction work and other oppressive noises very effectively.

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