Unique Fence Materials and Styles for Your Property

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When you need a new fence for your residential property, you may consider a hurricane or wood panel fence, as these two options are very popular and affordable. While these styles are both durable and easy to install, and may offer their own advantages, there are other fencing options you might consider. Note a few of those here, along with their pros and cons, so you can find just the right fence material and style for your home.

Live bamboo

Bamboo stalks grow very close to one another, so they create a natural barrier or fence when planted in a long row. While bamboo stalks can be harvested and then set inside frames to create fence panels, live bamboo plants offer a very natural and rustic look that you may prefer. These stalks will actually grow leaves along their length, keeping the fence from looking monotonous and bland. However, note that live bamboo can grow very quickly, and your fence may need to be trimmed regularly, so that it doesn't become overgrown.

 Farm fencing

Farm fencing is typically made of thick wood posts that are placed horizontally between upright beams. These fences are very rustic and are also less obtrusive than tall panels. They may not offer much privacy in a residential area, and real wood posts may need consistent repainting to avoid mould and other such damage, but if you want a simple and rugged fence that simply marks the boundaries of your property, farm fencing can be a very good choice.


A gabion is a cage or box made of wires, and which is then filled with rocks or stones. These cages or boxes can be used as dams, or as barriers along roadways, because they're so compact and strong. Gabion fences can be made to fit your property, as the wire can be shaped and cut in any direction or size, and the rocks or stones filling the wires can also be of varying sizes.

These fences offer your property a very rustic and natural look, while the rocks and stones also provide a solid barrier along your property's boundaries, creating privacy. The wire of the gabion actually makes it difficult for someone to get a toehold to climb the fence, so this is also a good choice of fencing if you're worried about trespassers. Aluminium wiring won't rust or corrode, and the rocks used for a gabion fence also don't need repairs or upkeep, making a gabion fence virtually maintenance-free.

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