Why Have a Professional Contractor Install Your Residential Fence

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A homeowner may assume that he or she can install their own residential fence, especially if they see fencing kits and prefabricated panels available at their local hardware store, all promising an easy installation. It is true that you can buy those kits and panels and rent the tools you need to install your own fence, but consider why this job isn't necessarily something you should tackle yourself, and why hiring a professional fencing contractor may be the better option for you.

Permits and codes

You may need a permit to install a residential fence, even a small one, and may need permission from your homeowners association as well. The fence will usually need to be installed to local building codes, and may face even more stringent requirements from that HOA. These requirements, and all the paperwork and inspections that go along with them, can be very difficult for a homeowner to manage on their own, which is why a professional fence installer can be the better option. They can ensure all permits are in place before work begins, and ensure the work is done properly. This increases the chances that the fence passes inspections, so you don't face fines from the city or your HOA.

Secure installation

When you install a fence yourself, it may seem very secure and stable, but it might then fall right over during the first strong storm it faces! You may find that a wire fence you installed on your own soon sags, or posts begin to actually sink into the ground.

A fence installer will know how to erect a fence that lasts indefinitely, rather than a fence that just looks secure at the time of installation. A professional contractor can thoroughly examine the soil to note if it needs compacting, and can compensate for the height and weight of a larger fence, so that it won't begin to lean or tip over after some months or weeks.

Fabricating the fence

Even if you buy a kit or fence panels, you may still need to fabricate or somehow modify those materials to fit your yard. Those panels may overlap your yard so that they should be cut, and you may need to work the fence around a tree, shed, or other obstruction. Without proper tools and expertise, you may wind up actually damaging your fencing materials and having those fabricated areas look uneven, or not be installed securely. This is another reason why it's often best to leave this job to a professional.

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