Answering Some Commonly Asked Questions About Pool Fencing

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If you have a pool in your backyard, you are probably legally required to have a fence around the yard, or at least around the pool itself. This is to keep out children and wildlife; a good fence can also keep out trespassers who may want to use your pool when you're away, and it will also help block debris that could settle onto the pool's water, keeping the pool cleaner overall. Before you shop for a new fence for your home's pool, note a few questions you might have about your choices, so you know you get a fence that works for your needs in particular.

Will pool chemicals damage all fences?

Pool chemicals and water can damage a wood fence, and may eventually cause damage to a coating applied to other types of fences. This is why many commercial pool fences are made of vinyl or glass, as these are very durable materials. Aluminium is also resistant to corrosion, so it may also be a good choice if you want a metal fence, but note that you may need to have any powder coating on an aluminium fence reapplied over time, as pool chemicals can sometimes cause it to wear away.

What is the best fence for homes with children?

Each type of pool fence will have its own pros and cons when it comes to keeping children safe; for example, solid panels won't allow children to put their head through the fence, and glass allows you a full view of the pool. Mesh fences also don't allow children to push their way through the fence. Note, too, that you can upgrade any fence with child-safe features, such as a self-closing gate with an automatic lock, so you know the gate won't be left open accidentally and children will be less likely to make their way into the pool area.

Can an existing fence be modified to become a safe pool fence?

Requirements for fencing around a pool will vary from area to area; in some cases, you may only need to upgrade the gate you have attached to your fence to bring it up to local building codes. However, in other areas, you may need something taller than a standard hurricane or picket fence, or a metal fence may have bars that are too far apart than what local codes allow. Ask a fence installer to inspect your home's current fence and make recommendations, as they will be familiar with local codes and regulations for pool fencing in your area.

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