How to Choose the Right Material and Style for a Metal Fence

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A metal fence can be a great choice for your property, as metal is strong and durable and isn't likely to get damaged from being exposed to the elements, pool water and chemicals. A metal fence can also offset the look of a traditional red brick home, or give a more upscale look to a rural property. When you're ready to shop for a metal fence, you may have more choices and options for materials and styles than you realize, so note a few tips on making that choice. This can help you decide the right type of fence for your yard and for your needs in particular.


Steel and iron fences are very strong and durable, so they will resist dents, dings and other such damage. These metals are often used for commercial properties that see lots of heavy-duty vehicle traffic, as the fence will hold up better if an errant truck or forklift driver should hit the fence.

While these materials will provide the same durability for your residential property, you may not need that much strength from your fence. Aluminium is often more affordable than steel or iron; while it may be more prone to dents and dings, this typically isn't an issue for residential homeowners. Aluminium is also resistant to rust and corrosion, making it a better choice for a pool fence or in tropical areas with lots of humidity. Steel and iron are also difficult to install as they may need heavy bolts to keep them in place, so these fences are rarely a DIY installation job, even if you only need a small fence around your yard.


Bars with pointed finials at the top are a traditional and classic style of metal fence, and this can add an upscale look to your property. However, you're not limited to this style, and may want something more unique for your property. Consider aluminium tubular fencing; the curve of the tubes can soften the look of your property and downplay the square lines of your home's siding. Horizontal tubes or bars can also make your yard look wider and longer, and provide a base for climbing vines that add greenery to your property.

Another option would be flat and wide slats, rather than tubes or bars. This style can be very modern and upscale, and make your fence look a bit larger in scale, so that it adds visual interest to your property while also marking off its boundaries.

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