Residential Fencing: Comparing the Suitable Supporting Post Materials

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If you are planning on installing new chain link fencing in your property, you will require supporting posts for the project. As implied, these elements are crucial for holding up the fencing materials in position and ensuring that the perimeter remains immovable under pressure. If you are building a fence for the first time, you might find the available options confusing. Therefore, you should consider this brief discussion on the different types of posts in the current market.

Timber Posts

Timber posts are popular in residential fence construction because they are attractive. The wooden appearance is warm, and the natural look blends in with the landscape. Also, timber is quite durable; you can expect long-term service. However, you should note that these fence posts present some significant challenges. For instance, the insertion of the lumber into the ground makes it vulnerable to termites and water. Therefore, you should choose products which are treated for pest damage, moisture ingress and microbial degradation.

Steel Posts

Steel posts are suitable for residential fences because of their inherent strength. In simple terms, this material is not vulnerable to mechanical damage and impact. If you are looking to install a security fence, this is the ideal choice. You can also enhance the aesthetics of the metal by painting the surfaces. However, it is important to remember that steel, like wood, can be damaged by continuous exposure to moisture. Therefore, you should ensure that your selected posts are treated for rust and corrosion for an extended lifespan. 

Plastic Posts

If you are looking for inexpensive fencing posts, you should look for plastic products. These products are lightweight in comparison to the alternatives. Therefore, the installation process will be quick and efficient. Also, the material is not susceptible to moisture and general changes in weather. Additionally, the posts do not require special maintenance such as touching up with paint. However, you should note that the lightweight nature of the poles can be detrimental. It can be damaged with ease. So, this material might not be ideal for security fences.

Concrete Posts

Concrete posts are favourable because they are sturdy and resistant to virtually all forms of damage. They are not prone to degradation when exposed to water. Moreover, they will not deteriorate due to the pests around the property. They are relatively expensive to purchase and install, but you can expect long-term service and high security.

If you are not sure about the right posts for your home, you should consult a fencing contractor for expert advice.

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