Don't Overlook These Factors When Choosing a Home Fence

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When you're ready to choose a fence for your property, you want to ensure you consider how it will look when stretched across your entire lot, whether it will provide needed security and whether it will offer the privacy you want in your yard as well. You will most likely also have a budget to consider when shopping. However, there may be some other factors you're overlooking when choosing a home fence, so note a few of those here to ensure you make the right choice for your yard.


If you already have landscaping in your yard, or if you are planning on adding landscaping around your fence, note its height and size, as compared to a potential fence choice. As an example, if you have very tall and thick lilac bushes in the yard, a small picket fence may be dwarfed by that landscaping. On the other hand, if you don't have any landscaping and don't have plans to add any, a large panel fence may seem very imposing without any vegetation to break up its look. Consider how your landscaping, or lack thereof, will look with a new fence installed, and choose a fence height and style that complements every element of your yard space.

Layout of your lot

If your lot is a perfect rectangle, any type of fence will typically fit that shape. However, if your lot cuts around natural features such as creeks, boulders, trees and the like, you'll want a fence that can easily work around those obstructions. A chain link fence can be curved around most obstructions, and a picket fence with individual pickets can also be worked around those borders. However, any type of panel fence, or a picket fence that is made with sections of pickets already attached to horizontal rails, might not offer you the flexibility you need for the overall shape and layout of the fence and your property.


If you have pets, you may need a tall panel fence to block their view of passersby and to keep them from jumping over the fence. If you don't have pets, but your neighbours have dogs or cats that tend to get into your yard, or if there is wildlife in the area, you might still consider tall panel fences. Even pickets with spaces between them can be enough for animals to get distracted by what's on the other side of the fence, so consider a vinyl or wood panel fence to help with animal control.

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