5 Beneficial Reasons of Having a Temporary Fence on a Construction Site

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As a contractor, securing your construction site should be your first priority due to the many hazards involved. Securing your construction site will make sure that your materials, equipment and site are safe from intruders. A variety of tools is at your disposal to use in securing your site. However, after proper research, you will find that a temporary fence is a perfect tool to use to secure your construction site. Below are five beneficial reasons to install a temporary fence for your construction site.

1. They are Versatile In a construction site, fencing requirements are expected to change randomly due to progress in the construction. A temporary fence is easy to move and re-use. Also, when not in use, the fence can be uninstalled, transported and stored.

2. Affordable As compared to installing a permanent fence, temporary fences are much more affordable. Construction site fences are not meant to be permanent, as they won't be necessary when the construction is complete. Therefore, there is no point of installing expensive permanent fences, while you can get durable and re-usable temporary fences.

3. Complying with Local Regulations Many countries require that temporary fences be installed before the commencement of the project until its completion. Therefore, a temporary fence will ensure that you are compliant with local health and safety requirements. In addition, when you're putting up a pool in your yard, local law requires you to fence your worksite, whether your house is occupied or not. This is to prevent any accidents from happening.

4. Provides Security Installing a temporary fence provides added security for your construction site. This means you're able to keep intruders at bay as the fence acts a deterrent. Therefore, it's best to acquire the best type of fence to suit your needs. A good temporary fence will be difficult to climb over or slide through from below and be able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

5. Protects Road Users and Site Workers A temporary fence provides security to passers-by and site workers. As a contractor, the last thing you want to hear is one of your employees or a passerby being injured due to an unmanned ditch or falling debris. Therefore, why wait for lawsuits to come your way if you can avoid them? Consider putting up a temporary fence before commencing any construction projects in your site.

A construction site that is not fenced is a hazard to the public, an easy target for intruders, violates local laws and creates a bad image for the neighbourhood. Therefore, have your worksite fenced. 

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