Fencing Styles For Your Pool Surrounds

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A pool creates a relaxing environment in which to socialise and have fun. Your pool fencing should enhance the environment, create a haven in your backyard and keep your family and friends safe. Here are several styles to consider:

Tubular Metal Fencing

One way to enclose your pool surrounds is with a tubular metal fence. Either aluminium or steel, these barriers use a combination of vertical and horizontal rails. The metal elements combine in diverse ways to create straightforward or decorative barriers. Flat-top fences feature minimal rails along the top. Double-top models have two horizontal bars containing elaborate scrolled forms. Spear-top varieties, with ornate tip detail, provide a classic look which discourages climbing. Lastly, the vertical metal bars on the loop-top fences curve along the upper edge for an attractive looping effect. 

If you enjoy lying beside the pool enjoying the breeze, this barrier type won't block the wind, letting it flow to all areas. Often the metal is powder-coated in colours such as black, green or charcoal, so you can design the most flattering structure for the deck material, whether that be natural stone, timber or stamped concrete.

Glass Fences

Sleek glass pool fencing provides another alternative, which opens up the space by providing an unobstructed view. Various posts and spigots combine to secure the glass panels, and drilling or bolting stabilises the structure. Frameless models have the least metal edging, while framed barriers have the most. The mixture of smooth glass and polished metal gives these barriers a luxurious, minimal aspect, allowing the texture and colour of other elements to come to the fore. As the glazing reflects light, it will brighten up the pool area further, which already feels expansive because of the transparent fencing. 

To filter the sunlight, incorporate frosted or tinted glass, both of which eliminate glare. Possible tones include hues such as grey, bronze, blue or green, which can be dark and moody or light and faint. Blue or green can emphasise sparkling water, while bronze could provide a pleasing contrast against an azure pool. 

You can rest in the knowledge that these structures are safe, using toughened glass with five times the strength of ordinary glazing. Another benefit is that if it breaks, this glazing crumbles into tiny rounded cubes rather than pointy shards, and so injuries to bystanders are unlikely to occur. The tempering manufacturing process that toughened glass undergoes renders it resistant to heat as well, so the blazing summer sun will not be a problem.

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