Ideas For Combining Front Fence Materials For Attractive And Functional Barriers

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Many modern home architectural styles mix and match materials such as timber, brick, cement and stone. The juxtaposition of these elements prevents dull, unappealing, monotonous buildings. You can use the same principle for your fencing. Combining elements adds decorative appeal and functionality. Here are several ideas for achieving privacy and security with your new attractive front fence.

Materials To Create Privacy

Often a front yard is not private and secure enough for relaxing or for children playing. A high privacy fence can change all this, helping you to reclaim the space. If you stick with one solid material, however, such as brick or rendered cement, your home can feel somewhat like a fortress. Combining elements, though, will soften and overcome this. You could, for instance, construct a brick fence with a low horizontal line and high pillars at intervals. You could bridge the gap between pillars with horizontal slats of timber or aluminium — closely spaced for more privacy or with bigger gaps for a more open barrier. 

Because they're not totally solid, these hybrid fence designs feel lighter and more friendly. Also, the contrasting elements — the brickwork, pillars and slats — all combine to add interest. For complete privacy, you could fix Colorbond steel sheets between high brick pillars. The repeating pattern of brick-steel-brick-steel is more appealing than either material alone. 

Elements To Bolster Security

Another scenario might be that you're not so concerned with privacy as you are with security. If you have pets or children, you might want a fence that will keep them safe and secure but also wish to maintain an open view to the street. In this case, you could combine solid pillars with tubular metal posts. For example, an ornate black spearhead-design could fill the gap between tall cement pillars. 

Another option is to fit a simple flat top aluminium fence within the structure. Tubular metal is available in hues such as black, grey, green or white so that you can select the most flattering colour to complement the solid sections. Tubular posts many not afford privacy, but they do provide security. Plus the attractive combination of different elements will enhance your home's facade.

Thus, if you're planning a fence installation, make sure you explore all options. Work out whether you're after privacy and/or security, and then mix and match materials for an attractive barrier. You could reclaim your front yard for extra outdoor entertaining or provide a secure area that keeps pets and children safe on your property.

For help with a fence installation, contact a fencing company in your area.

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