3 Major Benefits of Installing Glass Balustrades in Your House

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Balustrades are the glass structures used in staircases, balconies, and landings. Their main purpose is to provide fall protection, especially at heights, but they also have aesthetic value. Some of the materials used to make balustrades include wood, metal, fibreglass and glass.

Glass balustrades have gained a lot of popularity in recent years because of their countless benefits. You will find frameless glass balustrades in most of the modern buildings. Here are the three main reasons to consider choosing glass balustrades for your interior spaces. 

Glass Will Give the Illusion of More Space

One of the easy and effective ways to create an illusion of more space is when you allow light to flow freely through objects. Glass is transparent, and it gives you an impression of continuity when you look at it. By installing glass balustrades, you create the illusion that the house is more spacious than it is. 

The balustrades, therefore, create the barrier while, at the same time, giving an open, expansive and fresh ambiance to the place. 

Glass Is Durable and Easy to Maintain

The type of glass that contractors use for balustrades is tough and does not crack easily, even when under pressure. The quality minimises the possibility of accidents and injuries near and around the balustrades. The glass is also easy to clean, and it does not stain easily. With a little clean cloth and commercial-grade glass cleaners, you can easily remove any dust, spots and other debris that might have accumulated on the glass. 

You can choose the toughness level that you want in your glass. For instance, there are types of glass that are even bulletproof. And when compared to materials like wood, glass offers longer years of service. Glass is not affected by water damage and pests such as termites. As long as it is properly maintained, it will serve you for years.

Glass Is a Perfect Complement for Other Materials

Another amazing quality of glass is that it gives your interiors a touch of sophistication that few other materials can. For instance, glass compliments every other building material. You can pair it with wood, metal, ceramic tiles, vinyl and everything else, and it will still have a touch of elegance. 

Glass is a safe, secure, durable and easy-to-maintain material when used to make balustrades. You should take your time and pick a reliable contractor to handle glazing for you as it will give you the best results. 

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