Is Glass Pool Fencing the Right Fit for Your Home?

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The swimming pool has been a beloved feature in Australia homes for decades, and it's where homeowners often gather their family and friends for recreational sessions. Pools pose a safety risk; however, especially around children. The best way to discourage drowning in your pool is to restrict access through foolproof barriers. Glass fences have been gaining popularity across Australia, and you can select between framed or frameless glass pool fencing options. The benefits of glass pool fencing include:

1. Durability

Wood fences have long been used to seal the pooling area, but as many homeowners soon find out, they need regular maintenance. Glass is a more durable material, and it can withstand the elements like snow, water or wind. 

Glass fencing will not corrode, rust or rot so you'll save money on costs and replacements. You don't also need to worry about mould or moisture damage when the pool water splashes on the glass.

2. Safety

Some homeowners are hesitant to use glass because they think it will easily break into little pieces that can injure people. Glass fences are made from strong, thick and durable glass for maximum safety. You should hire a reliable fence contractor so your new fencing will adhere to the Australian standards.

Additionally, glass pool fencing offers unobstructed views of your pool so you can monitor the surrounding area even when you're in the house. You can relish the peace of mind of keeping your children and pets safe.

3. Customisation

You can order glass pool panels that contrast beautifully with other features of your yard, including stairs and walls. While they may be more expensive than standard glass fences, you can get fence contractors with competitive prices in Australia. You can specify the patterns, sizes, shapes, and specifications of your glass fence to get a truly bespoke solution for your home. 

4. Stylish

Glass will effortlessly transform your pool area from a functional space to an opulent and luxurious one. Whether you choose frameless or framed glass pool fencing, you can expect to boost your home's curb appeal. You can decide if you want the fence to blend with your yard, or have it stand out through various hardware designs. 

5. Easy Maintenance

You don't need to hire specialists to clean your glass fence, as you can easily do it with water, sponge, and cleaning solution. Unlike metal, glass doesn't rust, and it doesn't collect soap, grime and debris. You can even add a glass coating to discourage damage from scale, air contaminants and scum. 

To learn more, contact pool fencing contractors. 

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